In the Episcopal Church, the Vestry acts as “agents and legal representatives of the Parish” by administering the temporal affairs of the church, electing and calling the Rector, and maintaining the church and all other buildings and properties belonging to the church.  At Grace Memorial, the members of the Vestry also take an active leadership role in the lay ministries of the parish.  They are servants of the mission of the Church, help the Rector to develop a vision for the work of the church, and oversee its various ministries, seeking to involve all persons in the ministry of Christ in the church and beyond.

The current Vestry members are:

Karen Plauche (Senior Warden)
Paul Bartow (Junior Warden)
Aimee Barrios
Piper Barzenick
David Kelly
Betsy McHale
Sue Nichols
Cassie Ragan
Angie Tyrone
Jim Wasson
JoAnn Ziller


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