Grace Memorial Foundation

The Grace Memorial Foundation is dedicated to support the capitol needs and development of the historic church properties of this church parish.   At the annual meeting of the congregation on December 5, 2004, the late Wade Speed urged the formation of a dedicated fund to take the burden of maintenance from the regular church operating budget.

The Foundation is administered by a committee of former Senior Wardens. A contribution of $100 or more will enroll the donor, or the honored person named, in the records of the Grace Memorial Episcopal Church Foundation. Several individuals may pool their gifts to achieve the Fund’s initial gift minimum. Subsequent to the initial enrollment, additional gifts of any amount may be given in honor of the same person.

Once the Foundation’s fund reaches $1,000,000, the investment returns will be available to the church parish for maintenance of the property. The Foundation renders an annual report of those persons enrolled as well as its holding and earnings. Legacies received by the parish are deposited in the Grace memorial Episcopal Church Foundation.

Gifts to the Grace Memorial Foundation may be mailed to P.O. Box 1086, Hammond, Louisiana, 70404.


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